Friday, September 18, 2009

Two Fall Projects

I'm actually directing two shows right now:

Caught in the Act by Pat Cook
Apparently I agreed to direct the Rookie Show for Greenfield-Central High School during a 2 1/2 minute conversation last November. I was very excited about it at first and there are moments when I still am--when there's a breakthrough moment during rehearsal, or when I see how earnestly the kids I'm working with strive for a positive comment. But there have been a lot of frustrations, too. We've gotten bumped out of the auditorium a few times. My supervisor schedules meetings and auditions that pull my actors away. There are delays in tech and actor absences. I'm working with beginners which is a challenge (but a delight when they stretch themselves). I didn't feel that I had enough time from the get-go to make good theatre, and these obstacles only enhance that feeling. I'm pushing my actors as hard as I think they will allow me to. It can only get better and it does.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson
This is the show I'm doing with KidsPlay and CrazyLake--a joint production. Last week, we had auditions. This week was our parents meeting and our first blocking rehearsal. 40 people in the cast--two weekends, two day time matinees. A HUGE undertaking, probably the largest project I've taken on in theatre. "Jolly Roger" and "Three Tales of Christmas" come close, but I think this is the biggest. The first blocking rehearsal was long. It took 2 hours to block some 14 pages. All of the scenes have large groups of kids in them and the more kids on the stage, the more difficult and chaotic it is to block it well. I hope my adults are patient as I work with the kids.

So those are the two projects. You've officially been brought up to speed and you're ready now for subsequent blog posts about these projects and other future projects. :-)

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