Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why It's Hard to Find Good Children's Theatre Scripts: Example #692

From a collection of holiday plays.....

The name of the play is The Christmas Tree From Outer Space.

It is 12 pages long.

Within that 12 pages, it manages to introduce 16 characters, and this includes one double-cast (Man/Tree Salesman).  The list of characters includes (but is not limited to):  the Narrator, E. Tree, Queen Connifer, Treesa, Conifernicus, Palmala, Ministree, and having run out of 'clever' tree names, there are also, Tree #1, Tree #2, Tree #3, Tree #4, and Tree #5.

But wait, it gets better.

Setting:  Simple sets suggesting a Throne Room, the Planet Fred, Hollywood Boulevard, a living room and a Christmas tree lot--all within 12 pages of action.


Oh, the Things We Acquire.....

Things we acquired for the past two KidsPlay shows (Attack of the Pom-Pom Zombies and Dr. Evil and the Basket of Kittens) that will probably go into deep storage never to be used again:

     1)  Five sets of wolf tales, furry gloves, and and ear hats.
     2)  Three metal period-style napkin holders (@$20 each...!!)
     3)  Four cast iron patio chairs.
     4)  A "Where's Waldo" costume and a mummy costume (that has had the seat sewn back in three times....)
     5)  Sixteen pairs of goggles.
     6)  Three foam core surfboards and 2 oars
     7)  Sixteen white lab coats.
     8)  Some 30 yards of tan and pink flowered ultra-suede material.
     9)  A Cher wig.
     10) A spinning bookshelf

Take note other theatre groups.  We are happy to rent or loan.  :-)