Friday, September 25, 2009

Choir Rehearsal/Blocking Slowly

We had our first choir rehearsal on Tuesday. Hudson is our choir director and young Evan is our accompanist. It was impressive. Hudson led them through some--what I considered to be--difficult vocal warm-ups, talked to them about how their mouths should be shaped when they sing, and then led them in "Silent Night". And it was beautiful. It was really a moment. I was impressed; other parents were impressed. Parents who have had some musical training (unlike me) were impressed. That makes me smile. And it makes me proud.


Honestly, there are going to be SO many moments in this show. They are coming to the surface already, like a polaroid photo slowly coming into focus. I'm getting good stuff out of the kids already.

We are blocking the show very slowly. There are huge numbers of kids in the scenes and it makes it really hard for ol' ADD here to focus and see the whole picture. But I like what I've done so far. The blocking part is tedious and slow, but when we get up to speed with the real action of the show, I think it will look great. Rachelle is great. Kelly is great. MEGAN is great!! The last couple shows, she's really just done filler roles for me, but this one was made for her. She's showing her 'training' and her leadership right now.

The trick--the really difficult trick--is going to be making all the scuffling and horseplay look real. So far it's looking pretty 'staged', but it'll become more natural as we go along. We were missing three key people last night and that makes it difficult to see the moving picture we're making here. It will be frustrating having to go back and bring them up to speed, but...what can you do? There are conflicts and choices made and I don't have any control over them. It just makes it hard on the rest of us....

Anyway...VERY excited about this show. Looking forward to sewing this weekend. Loving my theatre life.

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