Monday, May 3, 2010

My Least Favorite Day...

I'm thinking that my least favorite day might actually become my MOST favorite day.

For the longest time, I hated the day after the show, because that was the day that everyone came up to me and apologized for not attending the show over the weekend. (I have an entire 'act' that I do surrounding--ask me some time....)

But now I'm thinking that my least favorite day might become my most favorite day. The amount of positive feedback I've gotten from this show has been absolutely amazing. I've had parents calling me up and telling me about OTHER children (besides their own) in the show who were good. I've gotten FaceBook messages and e-mails. On Monday morning, I was at GCHS and a woman that I see there frequently (but whose name I don't know) saw me and stopped dead in the doorway, gave a loud 'aahhhh', and proceeded to tell me how wonderful the show was, that she'd seen several and this was our best, the whole thing was totally engaging and when such-and-such character did this or that, oh, it was SOOO funny!

Wow. And not to mention the fact that we smashed attendance records. Over 700 people saw the show and that doesn't even count the matinee. Totally amazing.

And I don't think ONE person stopped me to say, "Oh, was this---this wasn't---it was! It was your show weekend, wasn't it? And I missed it! Oh, I'm so sorrrrryyyy...." Not one.

So, the day after the show, when I usually spend most of my time telling people, "Oh, it's okay. I know you're busy and you couldn't make it. Don't worry about it...." was spent with, "Thank you. Thanks. Wow, thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!" instead.... My least fave day is now my most fave day. ;-)

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