Monday, May 3, 2010

My Favorite Memories from "Sleeping Beauty and the Beast"

1)  Wesley dancing with the sleeping Avery.
2)  The gorgeousness of the dancers in their costumes.
3)  My steady and protective young people in the booth; my faithful stageparents in every corner of that theatre.
4)  So many friends and former KidsPlayers in the audience.
5)  Beautiful and ethereal Ariel as Princess Rose.
6)  Tough, coy Megan as Snow White.
7)   Queen Julia Child.
8)  "Stupid, stupid, stupid!"
9)  Alec preparing to lick his fur clean.
10)  Striking that set in an hour and half...
11)  Our elegant medieval lobby from ratty old lace curtains and material scraps.
12)  Prince Charmless and the breath spray.
13)  Attendance at all three performances.
14)  Igor in the dance.
15)  The poems and roses moments...

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