Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Love Letter to KidsPlay

I can’t tell you how much I love working with you.  In spite of the hectic, haphazard life I seem to be leading now, when I get to rehearsal, everything falls into place—aligns perfectly—and the day is instantly better.  As I think you know, the sun rises and sets with KidsPlay and I am never happier than during the moments I spend with you all ‘making good theatre’.

I love my ‘old’ actors and the wonderful relationships we have.  I love that we have a ‘history’ of hard work, good shows, classic theatre stories, and so many fun times.  I love working with you so much and pushing you to be always better, the best you can be.   And I love how you try to do that.  I love watching you grow right in front of my eyes, your ever-increasing confidence, and your wonderful personalities. I love my ‘new’ actors and your earnestness and willingness to try new stuff all the time.  I love how hard you work to follow in the footsteps of the great KidsPlay veterans that came before you, and how you strive to understand what being an actor really means.  I love thinking ahead to the stars you will someday be and the shows I will pick around your particular style. 
I love ALL of my actors for your work ethic and your dedication to KidsPlay.  I love how you work hard to earn my praise—and I know I don’t give it near as often as others might—but I hope you know that when it comes your way, it really means something.

I love my parent group—and YOUR dedication to getting the kids to rehearsal on time, to making sure they have what they need, to helping me to stay focused when there’s a million tasks calling my name, to picking up my slack when I need it.  

I love my returning parents who have come to see that there’s something about theatre that’s different than sports or scouts, and that KidsPlay can be a fun place for you as well as for your kids.  You’ve seen what we’re about here, and you’ve bought into the KidsPlay family vision.  We’re on the same page; it clicks; it works.
I love my new parents who—by this time in the show—are starting to find their places in the smoothly running Kidsplay machine.  You, also, have seen what we’re about, and you believe in what we’re doing…and you hang out at rehearsal because you think that maybe this is a good place to ‘be’ with your child. 
I love all of my parents for your willingness to help in so many ways.  I’m thankful for your patience when—like last night—the evening runs long, and you know we’re trying to make up for lost time.  I appreciate your understanding of what we’re attempting to accomplish.  I love watching your faces when the kids are trying something new, being extra funny, or when we get ‘in the zone’ and we make real theatre theatre magic. 

So, here’s to you, my KidsPlay family, and to a life in the theatre. I know we ran overtime last night, and I apologize for that--but in spite of pushing you, working hard, and a lot of pseudo-yelling, we all laughed a lot, too.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  Thanks for sharing in the vision, the work, the time it takes to do what we do.  Thanks for the sacrifices you make to be a part of KidsPlay.  But most of all, thanks for your trust, your faith, and the opportunity you’ve give me to work with you.  The happiness and joy it brings me knows no bounds.


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