Thursday, September 13, 2012

Equal Time

I've taken a little grief for not posting about the third show I'm involved with:  Acting Up's production of "Our Town".

"Our Town" is a classic piece of high school and community theatre, but this professional production, directed by R. Brian Noffke, is art on the stage.  Under his meticulous direction and fine hand, Acting Up Productions has created a living painting, a time capsule of turn-of-the-20th-century life, without benefit of a paint brush, a set, or even props.  Only a handful of chairs and tables set the stage for this portrait of the human condition.  Beautifully directed and skillfully, balletically performed by Noffke's actors, we see small town life as it was circa 1901-1913.  You will smile, nod, and perhaps wipe a tear or two, while peeking through the window into the lives of the Gibbs family and the Webb family, as their two children embark into their adult lives together.  You'll love and recognize their neighbors as they go about their daily lives, delivering milk, running off to school, attend church choir practice, and stopping by the soda fountain for some refreshment.  It is an elegant and thought-provoking piece which belongs in everyone's cultural literacy library.


And if all of the above weren't enough reason to see it, far down, like maybe 23rd or even 31st on the list of reasons to see "Our Town" is the opportunity see one Christine Schaefer, Empress of Boundless Energy, doctorate in ADD, Queen of the Fidgets, and Founder of Our Collective Problem, sit completely still for nigh on 107 minutes.



  1. You had me at "...created a living painting." DC

  2. Stop itching your nose!!! :)