Monday, April 11, 2011

The Marvels of "Grease"

So, the DramaTeens finished up the 2010-2011 theatre season at the high school with "Grease", a play of dubious message--summed up by one as "moral pestilence", and by another as "sex, alcohol, vandalism are all okay if you just stay in school"--but a classic and very popular play with much fun music and dance.

A week long party to which I attended only in wishful spirit, but just try and keep me away from the performances--where I saw many wonderful and amazing things.  Here is what I saw:

1)   I saw a young woman who made her theatrical debut by tripping off the stage prance confidently around in 5" (or was it 6") heels with never a misstep.  I
2)  I saw a young man who missed his chance behind a bouquet of flowers, plant one on her in the front seat of an engine-less car before God and everybody.
3)  I saw a boy who came to theatre way too late, create a character from words on page into flesh and blood and p-e-r-s-o-n-a-l-i-t-y.
4)  I saw a girl who once did a commercial for Mother Claus's Mints practically steal the show with her hilarious antics and who was obviously having more fun with her small part than should humanly be allowed.
5)  I saw a guy who'd spent his entire theatre career lurking backstage, suddenly find the limelight in the final theatrical production of his high school career.
6)  I saw the biggest kid on stage run full-throttle through the auditorium, and you better believe I stayed out of his way!
7)  I saw an emotional girl, who long ago found a home in the theatre, pour it ALL out in a song that left us breathless--again--with her ability to totally immerse herself into a role.
8)  I saw a fabulous girl with pink hair, and a boy with broken glasses demonstrate their versatility of character. 
9)  I saw a boy with no lines who was, indeed, the best dancer.
10)  I saw a boy walk on in the dark, already in character, already mentally preparing to flip off the front of a car.

I saw much more than these few mentions, but mostly I saw an extraordinary group of kids--who must have been exhausted and stressed beyond belief--band together to put on a production that betrayed nothing of the nail-biting down-to-the-wire efforts of the preceding week.  On that stage, there was not one iota of anything less than the joy of youth, their boundless energy, and the desire to entertain.  They made it look fun, easy, and effortless.  Oh, ha-ha.  But THAT, devoted readers, is the theatre.

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