Saturday, January 17, 2009

On Stage (?): a Stress Dream

So...last night I attended a script-reading for a possible 'next production' for the CrazyLake Acting Company. For this production, which will be performed in September, I am turning the reins of directorship over to my most reliable, experienced, and trusted actor for his first venture into 'in front of the stage' instead of 'on'. In doing this, it is my hope that I will have a chance to perform for the first time in....twelve years(!!!). The play that we read had a medium-sized part, a wacky old lady, just right for me, and for which I will most certainly be auditioning, should we decide to do this play.

So...this morning after the script-reading, I wake up from my first stress dream.

I am on stage...and watching the action, watching people say their lines, when all of a sudden, I realize they're all looking at me. Oh. It must be my line...but as a director, I'm so used to just standing and watching the action that I sort of forgot I was IN the play. I look at them; they're all there: Kelly, Rachelle, Dennis, Chris, Joe, Terri... They're staring very hard at me. A couple of them mouth something to me, but I don't get it. (I never was any good at lip-reading.) I just sort of shrug...I really have no idea...I realize that I don't know my lines at all. AT ALL.

Shudder. This is enough to make me want to take last night's script and IMMEDIATELY put my lines on CD to start learning them whether we decide to do this show or not. Eek.

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